Doctor in Business Management

The business professional interested in achieving the highest standard of education that a top Doctorate in Business Management represents has most likely already achieved many goals in the field of business and management. While the Master’s of Business Administration degree has become the standard degree for many business professionals, a professional executive doctoral degree, whether pursued as a Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Management, or Executive Doctor of Business, will go far in setting a business professional apart through rigorous curriculum and research and the creation of a dissertation. Many Doctorate in Business Management programs, much like their PhD counterparts, feature tuition rates well into the six-figure category, but there are still many programs at elite business schools throughout the country that provide a top-notch education at very accessible prices. While some doctorate-focused students may still be responsible for loans needed to finance their business graduate degrees, programs like these are a welcomed reality. Understanding that business is conducted differently in various business segments such as different geographies and industries, through a structured curriculum, our industry-experienced academics take pride in sharing knowledge, experiences, and wisdom with students recognizing that global intelligence is the key to success in the 21st century.
DBM graduates can expect senior-level career opportunities in banks, government, education, and almost all sectors. A doctoral degree adds immense prestige to a candidate’s profile and is much coveted. It gives individuals a professional edge in the marketplace and invariably enhances employability. Given that Asia is on a rapid growth path this qualification will help graduates get top jobs.
Global intelligence is a key focus of our DBM program. The program provides students with a structured coursework component in the first year that teaches skills to conduct a variety of research investigations. In the remaining two years, students will undertake a research project with practical significance, under the guided supervision of at least one academic staff member, which will aim to significantly add to or improve current business practices. Research can be undertaken anywhere in the world with the approval of the School, providing students with a truly global intelligence.

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  • By Thomas Graf

    Course Details

    Stream: Management
    Duration: 2 Years
    Eligibility: Post Graduation with Minimum 50% Marks (with 5 Years working Experience in relevant Stream
    Study Mode: Part Time (Independence Research Program)


    - Advertising Management
    - Agriculture Management
    - Air Transport Management
    - Interior Management
    - Animation Management
    - International Management
    - Architectural Management
    - Asset Management
    - Audit Management
    - Investment Analysis Management
    - Banking Management
    - Investment Management
    - Bio-Technology Management
    - Labour Law Management
    - BPO Management
    - Library Management
    - Treasury Management
    - Industrial Marketing Ware House Management
    - Maintenance Management
    - Rural Management
    - Event Management
    - Safety Management
    - Export Management
    - Sales & Distribution Management
    - Fashion Management
    - Business Administration Logistics Management
    - Call Center Management
    - Market Risk Management
    - Chartered Finance Management
    - Marketing Management
    - Clinical Pharmacology
    - Materials Management
    - Communication Management
    - Media Management
    - Construction Management
    - Mutual Funds Management
    - Networking Management
    - Operations Management
    - Co-operative Management
    - Packaging Management
    - Corporate Finance Management
    - Sales Management
    - Finance Management
    - Pathological Lab Management
    - Corporate Law Personnel Management
    - Corporate Training Petroleum Management
    - Cost and Management
    - Accounting Pharmacology Management
    - Customer Care Management
    - Portfolio Management
    - Customer Relations Management
    - Production Management
    - Cyber Law Management
    - Project Management
    - Dairy Management
    - Public Administration
    - E- Commerce Public Relations Management
    - E-Business Systems Purchasing Management
    - Energy Management Retail Management
    - Entrepreneur Management
    - Risk and Insurance Management
    - Environmental Studies Risk Management
    - Equality Research Management
    - Financial Institution Management
    - School Management
    - Foreign Exchange Management
    - Shipping Management
    - Foreign Trade Software Management
    - General Management
    - Software Project Management
    - Hardware Management
    - Supply Chain Management
    - Health Care Management
    - Take Over and ACQ Management
    - Health Management
    - Taxation Management
    - Holistic Management
    - Telecom Management
    - Hospital Administration Textile Management
    - Hospital Management
    Total Quality Management
    - Hospitality Management
    - Total Safety Management
    - Hotel Management
    - Transport Management
    - Human Resource Management
    - Travel and Tourism Management
    - Industrial Management